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Next On Nikita Season 1 Episode 11: All the Way

December 3, 2010
Do you know about a secret government agency where they recruit young individuals and train them to become spies and assassins? It’s called the “Division”. Never heard of it? This is where Nikita had been trained to become one of the best assassins but later, she found out that even she can also be betrayed by what and whom she considered her “second home and family”. You’re probably be wondering also who Nikita is.

Nikita is an American television drama series for the CW Television Network which airs every Thursday nights, 9PM. It was based on the French film La Femme Nikita in the year 1990s. The series stars Maggie Q as Nikita, a former spy and assassin who has gone rouge. When she was a deeply troubled teenager, she was rescued from death row by a secret US organization referred to as the Division. The Division recruits young people with troubled backgrounds, erases all evidences about their former lives and molds them to become efficient and skilled spies and assassins. The Division made up the fake execution of Nikita and assured her that she will be given a second chance to live and to serve her country at the same time. Little does she know that she was being trained to become an efficient killer or assassin someday. All throughout her training, however, she never lost her humanity and has even experienced how it is to be in love with a civilian. Sadly, when her fiancé was murdered, Nikita realized that the sole people she trusted had betrayed her without second thought. Her boyfriend’s murder really stuck into her and made her dreams shatter. So she didn’t have any second thoughts when she decided to escape and leave the Division. After three years of hiding, Nikita seeks for revenge and wants to do everything in order to bring the Division and her former bosses and fellow employers down.

The next episode of Nikita will be aired on December 9 but you can also watch Nikita Season 1, Episode 11: All the Way online for free at Find out how Nikita plots her revenge and how she will turn the Division down.


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