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Why Protect Rugs with Rug Pads?

December 22, 2010
My wife asked me this, why spend more for rug pads 'coz we already spend buying nice and elegant area rugs. She said if it is really necessary or it doesn't really matter at all. I told her that we should buy rug pads because it will prolong the life of the carpets and protect it from frequent misplace and at the same time protect our kids from accidentally slipped from the installed rug.

This is the reason we bought this one. How about you would you prefer to buy a rug pad or not? Let us know and share your thoughts here. By the way, where did you order your area rugs and pads? Me, I ordered all of them online via I will give 5 star for this company for they surely provide the best item there is and another thing is that they ship the items for free. Purchase yours via


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