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Vampire Full Moon Before Christmas!

December 9, 2010
That's what the vampire series is about to offer this Thursday night! The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 11 is entitled as 'By The Light of The Moon' which will air this 9th of December. Full moon, vampire and werewolves will be seen here as Tyler's transformation is inevitable and this could be very messy specially with Christmas is coming, someone might be not joining us this season to eat the pre-Christmas dinner. Hmmm... I hope not.

Based on the promotional trailer I've seen, it seems that Katherine and Stefan will be having a very hot scene together as both are playing the usual blood-sucking mind games but the question is that who'll gonna win? Pardon me, I'll go for the sexy Kath. :)

Watch the following preview for you to feel the same way I just felt hehehe about The Vampire Diaries current episode:

Now what do you think, Katherine will be a one of a hell vampire right?


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