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TV Series Episodes to Watch this 1st Week of December

December 2, 2010
As the month of December opens, a lot of TV shows returns on your TV. Some of them are my personal favorite. One of the series that returns is Nikita season 1 episode 10 which is entitled as "Dark Matter" and my favorite lovely spy played by Maggie Q confronts with Michael after the previous episodes happenings where the latter was unable to fulfill his illogical revenge plot. The confrontation will be highly explosive as our Miky will blow the brains out of Nikita with a bazooka hehehe.

Meanwhile, another one that back on the scene is The Vampire Diaries season 2 episode 10 with is entitled as "The Sacrifice" where we loved Elena, Stefan and Damon love triangle plus the very identical horrifying and heartless vampire Katerina makes us more entice on what will her be part that will complicates the life of Elena and his friends.

All of this episodes will return this Thursday night. Will you watch them all?


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